Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wes Lang's Chateau Marmont Series. 2011.

Brooklyn-based artist Wes Lang holed up in Room 34 of LA’s Chateau Marmont for Sittin' On a Rainbow, a collection of drawings. “The base of it all is American history,” Lang says of the spectral-tinged suite, which is presented on monogram-embossed hotel stationery. “But it’s also self-reflective: sometimes, the skeletons and the reapers are me. The women are just plain beautiful to draw.” A collaboration with OHWOW gallery, Lang’s project was inspired by Martin Kippenberger’s early 90s Hotel Drawings, while the setting for his month-long residency was informed by the Chateau’s own rumored resident ghost. “I remember as a kid when John Belushi died there,” the artist says. “I was only nine, but somehow it made a big impression on me.”

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