Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Digital Copy of the Advertising Photographers Bible ~ Luerzer's Archive

Digital Copy Of The Advertising Photographers Bible ~ Luerzers Archive. For Free Yo!
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American Prison Tattoos by Photographer Robert Gumpert

"Tattoos may be becoming the norm but before their surge in popularity, tattoos were the province of society’s outcasts: sailors, artists, carnies and outlaws – acting as road maps of their lives: who they were, what they had done, their loves, desires, their sorrows and pains.” ~ Robert Gumpert


'Prison Photography' on the Road

'Prison Photography' on the Road is a project that needs your support. Prisons in the US are ineffective and the system is need of a complete overhaul. Photographs of the inmates and the prisons shed light on the multitude of problems plaguing the institutions. For more info on this project or to lend you support click here

Wynn Richards

Woman with cigarette, 1932

Skinners silk advertisement, 1932

Couple in doorway, 1932

In the spot light, 1935

Evening wear, 1930

Woman in shower, 1932

Mannequin head in three views, 1925

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photographer Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia

Adams has photographed Appalachian families since the mid-1970s. He had first encountered the poor families of the Appalachian mountains as a child, travelling around the area with his uncle, who was a doctor. His work has been published in three monographs: Appalachian Portraits (1993), Appalachian Legacy (1998), and Appalachian Lives (2003).

Adams was the subject of a documentary film by Jennifer Baichwal in 2002 - The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams's Appalachia. This was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, and at the Sundance Festival in 2003. The film critiques and defends Adams' method in photographing holler dwellers for his previously published books.

Advocate & push yourself measuring & expanding you’re inner acceptance of all humanity, this defines you and more importantly helps some unrecognized peoples to have a better place in this world. By simply being present, acknowledging equally & sharing with, we create and define better living for each other. ~ Shelby Lee Adams

Big thanks to my friend Stephanie McGinn for telling me about this Film and Shelby Lee Adams. She is a talented photographer. Check her work out here