Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haptic Lab. Map Quilts. Brooklyn.

Central Park.

"Littles" Map of Queens.

LA baby quilt.

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Manhattan: Union Square to Central Park South.

LA: Santa Monica to Downtown.

Washington D.C.

"Haptic" refers to the sense of touch that includes the entire body, inside and out; it is also the mechanism we employ to situate our bodies in space, feeling the world around us. Like a cane that safely guides someone down the sidewalk, haptic projects serve as tools for sensation. Haptic Lab was founded in 2009 by Emily Fischer, a Brooklyn-based architect and designer. Soft-Maps started in 2002 as an academic experiment in tactile wayfinding; the quilts were inspired by Emily’s mother Peggy who had begun losing her eyesight.

Thanks Dave for the tip!

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