Monday, August 22, 2011

Louise Hazel. Heptathlete. England.

At only age 25, Commonwealth gold medallist Louise Hazel is currently training for the 2012 Olympics, which are being held in her home town if London. Hazel runs for Birchfield Harriers of Birmingham which she joined when studying French Studies at the The University of Birmingham. A heptathlon is part of track + field athletics - it combined seven events-the name derives from the Greek hepta (seven) + athlon (contest). The seven include: 200-meter and 800-meter runs, 100-meter hurdles, shot put, javelin throw, high jump, and long jump. If training for 7 activities isn't enough, Louise also enjoys boxing on the side! awesome. I'm inspired by Louise, both for her mental and physical strength. As you can tell from the videos of her performance, the girl's an incredibly talented young athlete.

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